What are you taking into 2020?


What are you taking into 2020? Well, it’s 2020, not only is it a new year but a new decade! With it brings the anxiousness of a new decade ahead and the feelings of leaving the last one behind. From conversations I’ve had with close friends as well as the reflective messages I’ve seen on social media sites are any sign, the past years has been memorable for most of us. Many changes, big and small.

It led me to do a great deal of thinking about the last decade. The ups, the downs, the surprises, the sorrows, the hopes and the dreams, I’ve experienced them all. And as I look back, I recognize that  1) I’ve made it through it all and 2) it left me with some lessons to take into the next decade. Let me share them with you.

1. Nothing is guaranteed.
Health, love, physical ability, peace of mind, job, finances– none of these should be taken for granted. It really doesn’t matter whether you gained it, or whether you deserve it, because that’s not always the way the universe works. Not saying that none of these are within your control, because the fact is you have a lot of say in how many goals in your life play out! You can eat well and remain energetic, which benefits your health, you can treat those around you with generosity as well as respect, which creates love and friendship, and  you also can strive to excel at whatever work you do.
Yet the important things you have control over is how you respond to your current circumstance.If you can learn a way to respond with gratitude, you’re way ahead of the game. And not only give appreciation for the things that are working out– although that’s  simpler to do. I also give gratefulness for the challenges and disappointments, because without those, you can’t appreciate the great stuff you already have or experienced.

2. You should never ever surrender.
As I looked over the decade and was pondering on a list of things I thought were not so much fun, and just sharing in general conversation with folks, I noticed they did not see them in the same light as me. I’m so glad they did. Since it is true that nothing good or bad is guaranteed. If something is challenging right now, that doesn’t suggest it will continue to be that way. Yet the only means to learn what your next action might be is to stay course and don’t give up. Try new things, new exercises, healthy food, and positive relationships, staying open-minded, you might find something you genuinely enjoy. You deserve unconditional love, right in this moment, just as you are. Say yes to coffee dates with interesting individuals as well as go to that job interview– even if it’s scary.

3. Don’t wait on “when.”.
I’ve covered this lesson previously, however it is so important that it deserves repeating: Putting conditions on happiness is essentially like stating you do not, in fact, want to be happy. If you think you will happy when things happen like, let’s say: after the wedding, you shed 10 extra pounds, you discover a task you appreciate, you have a certain amount money, you make it through your kid’s dreadful twos, you really feel healthy, you make some friends … or anything else you can think of, then you’re doing nothing but putting challenges between you and  true happiness.That’s not to say you should not establish as well as pursue your goals, because completing something that makes you feel good rocks! Yet just keep in mind that your situations don’t have to be perfect to be happy. Even when things are not perfect, worrying about them does not change a thing. Picking to feel calm where you can find it might not fix it, either, however it could offer you much more toughness to handle what you need to deal with.

4. What should be important to you.

Faith, health and love. No matters what happens, faith is the most important asset in the life. Clinging to a hope that all things work out for good to them that love the Lord. Having an inner peace, a calm in the midst of a trouble, only comes from a close relationship with God. If you seek God, you will find Him, that is a promise in the Bible. Health, taking care of your body, is not only a gift to yourself but to those around you. And only you are responsible for taking care of your body. Love, taking whatever you have and sharing it with others.

Take a minute, think about the last 10 years….what one important lesson did you learn?

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